Friday, December 10, 2010

Will Run for Chocolate and Then Not Run for a Month

It's been a while. On November 6th, Sue and I ran the Hot Chocolate 5K. It was my first cold race and my first really large race (30,000 people). I'd been sick since the end of September, and my training plan had been all but abandoned. In fact, it was a race day decision whether I was even going to run at all. I decided to run, and it surprisingly felt pretty good, especially the first mile and a half. Running from Grant Park and on Lake Shore Drive provided a good adrenaline boost. Even without the training I had hoped for, I still finished in under 40 minutes. I had to sprint at the end to do it, but I pulled it out and finished at 39:53, which was exactly two minutes longer than my first 5K in April.

Unfortunately, later that day my right ankle felt sore and by Monday I was limping on it. After a good regime of RICE helped but didn't get rid of the problem, I went to the doctor. Fortunately, it wasn't a stress fracture but tendonitis. They gave me an Aircast, which helped with the compression a lot. I rested it for a month, and have just started slowly working my way back into running. So far it hasn't flared up again. I'm taking it slow (mostly walking), but it feels good to be moving again.