Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double The Races, Double the Fun

Two 5Ks in fours days! It went pretty well. My times could have been better, but I stayed under 40 minutes for both (even with a hill in the first race) and I greatly reduced my walking in today's race.

Thursday's race was in California, so I've added another race state to my list (for a total of three, but that's a start).

I'm definitely motivated to make some tweaks to my training to do even better in my June race, which will also be Alex's first kids' race. Plus, I'll definitely be making the Ravenswood Run a yearly event. What a fun race, and today's weather could not have been more perfect. After the race, we had brunch with Leslie, Marc, and Cecily and then went to a playground for an hour+ of play time. It was a great morning!

High fiving with Alex on the route!

Coming toward the finish line.