Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New Coach

Sue and my Garmin have helped me diagnose my biggest running issue -- I'm going too fast. Even though I've been trying to go at a moderate pace and keep myself from going too fast, I obviously don't know what different paces feel like. Enter my new coach.

I did a test run earlier in the week, but today was the first run in alert mode (at a 12-14 minute pace). It was very hard to keep my pace in the zone; it kept beeping at me and telling me to slow down. Overall, however, I did pretty well staying in the zone. I only took one walk break and ran for 1 1/4 miles before taking that break. Even though my time was slightly longer than typical for this route, I ran far more than I usually do. Success!

Now I just need to find the volume control so my coach doesn't yell at me so loudly.

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