Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Official, Disastrous Start to Couch to 5K

So, this was the big week. Sunday was ten weeks out from my first 5K, and I was planning to start the Couch to 5K plan this week for a couple of reasons. First, I thought it made sense to have a buffer week in the schedule in case things didn't go 100% according to plan (a wise move as it turned out). Second, we were in Florida the first half of the week with Dave's parents, meaning lovely weather and plenty of people to watch Alex while I took some time for myself. A perfect plan, what could go wrong?!

As is often the case (Why? I don't know.), I got sick before we left on our trip. Just a cold, but still annoying. My first run was going to be on Monday, and since all the advice I had read about running when you are sick says to get out there if the problem is above your shoulders, I did. I didn't feel great, but the 60 degree weather and sun was glorious, and it felt good to be outside and moving. I cut the run slightly short because the sidewalk ran out a little shy of where I planned to turn around, but I tacked a little more distance on at the end and stopped around 23 minutes, thinking that wasn't so bad for being out when I didn't feel well. As it turns out, I had a better run than I realized. Now that we are home I mapped the run and did 1.92 miles in 23:11 minutes (which includes the warm up) -- not bad at all! On the day of the run, I felt good about getting out and thought that the run actually helped clear my head literally and was good for the cold. So, I'm feeling pretty good about this start. Then Day 2 arrives...

I feel far worse on Tuesday. Terrible night's sleep, more congested, raspier cough. However, buoyed by my success the day before, I soldier on and plan to go out and run. As I'm getting ready it becomes very clear that this is not going to be such a good idea. I quickly adjust my expectations and decide to take a short walk. I walked for 16 minutes and, after mapping it today, managed 1.03 miles. Not even a normal walking pace for me, but at least I got out and did something.

I am now suffering from a full-blown sinus infection and don't know when my next run is going to happen. I have grand illusions of getting on the bike at some point today, but it's more likely that I will take another nap.

I have more to say about what I've been doing over the past 3+ months and my plans for this blog, but this saga was long enough for now. More later...

W1D1: 1.92 miles, 23:11
W1D2: Aborted

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