Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cape May Beachfront Run

I was very excited about the Cape May Beachfront Run to run a race in one of my favorite places (and in my home state) and to run a race with my parents and siblings there to cheer me on. It's always great to run a new distance (read: automatic PR), and a two mile race meant that I would be able to run the entire race without taking a walk break, which was a good feeling. But the best part was having my family there. Not only did I have a personal cheering section, but it turns out I have a crew!

I highly recommend running a race with a crew. I will never be an elite athlete (my time for the 2 mile run was 23:52), but I sure felt like a rock star with my own coach, warm-up team, photographer, cheering section, and post-race massage therapist. Thanks to my family for all the support!

Coming down the home stretch in lucky number 22!

Post-race with the Sister Division of my crew. They kept me supplied with plenty of water and bananas while I recovered.

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