Sunday, April 8, 2012

Always Falling Behind

So many reasons, but I don't feel like beating myself up or making excuses. Here I am now. Hopefully, I'll make this a more regular thing.

The big running news for 2012 is that I've decided to jump start my commitment by signing up for a half marathon!! I've known for a while that a half would be my biggest race ever but just wasn't sure when that would come together. Then, Fleet Feet announced that they are hosting the first ever Chicago Women's Half Marathon.   For some reason running the inaugural race is highly motivating to me, so despite my current fitness level, I decided to take the plunge and go for it. The only way this will happen is by doing it smartly, so I have signed up for a training program. This week is our first group run, which will be something totally new for me. Should be interesting. I didn't get my training schedule until yesterday because I was traveling and, lo and behold, I was supposed to start on my own this week. Oops. Behind yet again. So, today I went out for a four mile run.Off to a good start!

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