Monday, April 5, 2010

23 Minutes

That's how much I managed to run on Day 3 of Week 6. Not the whole 25, but not too bad either. I need to lengthen my route because by the time I hit 23 minutes, I was less than a block from our house and that took the air out of any effort to push on for two more minutes. I have a new route picked out for Week 7 that is 2.4 miles, which should probably be about right. (Okay, it might be a little short, but it will be a good start for Day 1.) I won't be able to get out tomorrow because of work, but it's on my agenda for Wednesday. had a useful post on Facebook today called 5 Common Hip Injuries You Can Fix. Reading that makes me think that the pain in my left hip is bursitis and not ITB syndrome. I've found some exercises to try and will ice it down after the next run. Hopefully that will bring some relief.

W6D2 (second attempt): 2.23 miles, 30.46 minutes (only did 8 1/2 minutes of the second 10 minute run)
W6D3: 2.23 miles, 29.03 minutes

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