Sunday, July 18, 2010

Racing in the Heat

Today was the Fleet Feet Sports Women's 5K, 10K & Festival. Sue and I had a lot of fun. How can you not have fun when they are offering mini-manicures on the grounds?! It was hot and humid, but there was cloud cover for most of the race, which certainly helped.

I had resolved that I was going to run slowly (as I've been doing in training to keep my heart rate under control) in order to run for more of the race. I still started off a bit too fast, but was able to settle down and keep a good, moderate pace going. I knew my training had not been what it needed to be and that I was not yet at a point where I could run the whole race, but once I settled in to the race I decided to make that a possible goal and to use that as motivation. At the 2.5 mile point I decided that the safer choice, given the heat, was to walk for a bit. I took a short walk break and then got back to it, finishing off the race with a strong sprint for the last .1 mile.

My official time was 39.44, which leaves lots of room for improvement. I'm excited to put together a more solid training plan going forward and to signing up for another couple of races before November.

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