Monday, March 22, 2010


Since I've ramped up my C25K training, I haven't been so good about cross-training. Last night I wasn't able to get in a run, so I took advantage of that to do a core workout on the exercise ball.

I have a few main cross-training options that I try to work in: the 30 Day Shred, workouts recorded from FitTV (mostly from In Shape with Sharon Mann), riding the exercise bike, and yoga.

I discovered the Shred in December, shortly after I decided to start training for a 5K. I find it very motivating and challenging. Plus, as someone who is not good about making time for exercise, the short workout length is great. I don't like doing it every day, as I think that is too repetitive and hard on my body, but as a workout to integrate into my overall training, it's definitely a keeper.

I started recording FitTV shows several years ago, and after a lot of trial and error discovered that Sharon Mann's shows worked really well for me. Good, short workouts that are high on challenge, but low on annoying host patter. My favorite is her ball/yoga combo, which is a terrific core workout that ends with a segment of yoga poses.

One of my favorite exercise sites that I've found combines the 30 Day Shred and running, which is ideal for me. I will try to add a button for the site on the sidebar, but it can also be found at Shredheads.

I did manage to do the first day of Week 5. The weather was nasty on Saturday so I ran at the fitness center. I think that helped me stay on track with the 5 minute runs. I also experiemented with listening to a podcast instead of music, hoping that would make the time go a bit faster and it did. I don't think I would do that running outside, but for the treadmill, it's a good solution.

W5D1: 2.1 miles, 31 minutes (treadmill, includes warm up and cool down)

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