Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 4 Plus 1

It took four runs, but I finally did the full cycle proscribed for the Week 4 runs.

On the first run, I couldn't do five minutes of running at all.

On the second run, I did the first five, but messed up the last five when I miscounted the time. (Simple oversight or my subconscious taking over? You be the judge.) In my defense, when I realized the error, I did run for another minute. I also had a slight rest in the second five getting stuck at a light.

On the third run, I took advantage of daylight savings time to run after putting my son down for bed. However, his stalling tactics delayed my start enough that I couldn't do the whole run because of darkness. The first half of the run felt great. Terrific warm up walk, the three minute run was a breeze, and even the five minute run was tolerable.

Therefore, I decided I had to do at least one more day of Week 4 before moving on. Tonight I had enough daylight to get in the full run, and I did the whole thing. It was hard, but it's amazing what concrete goals can do for you.

Prior to starting Week 4 I peeked ahead to Week 5 so I know what's ahead of me and how impossible it seems, but for now I am going to bask in the accomplishment of tonight's run and leave the dread of what's to come far behind.

W4D1: 2 miles, 27.09 minutes
W4D2: 2.3 miles, 31.30 minutes
W4D3: 2 miles, 25.42 minutes
W4D4: 2.14 miles, 29.00 minutes

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