Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Running in the Winter

Week Two went pretty well in hindsight. I still wasn't feeling back to normal and wasn't sleeping well with the travel and time difference, but I got in three runs with a strong last run. This week really showed me that my good run in Florida wasn't a fluke and that I do run better outside. Running on the treadmill provides structure, but I'm definitely starting to prefer the organic pacing of running outside.

Not that Chicago winters necessarily give you the option to run outside. I know plenty of people do, but I have a lot of concern about getting injured. I know two people who have suffered serious broken bones from slipping on ice and that's a real mental block for me. I struggled to come up with a good answer for winter running once I decided to embark on this journey. After exploring several options, I decided to join the Chicago Park District fitness center. Reasonably priced and very close to home. It's been a good solution for these nasty winter days, but it has also only reinforced the idea that I don't like going somewhere to work out. I feel like the time to and from the gym is wasted time, and I prefer the privacy of my own home or the solitude of the outdoors for working out. Fortunately, daylight savings time is right around the corner, so there will be more daylight to get runs in during the week, and the weather should be continuing to improve as well.

W2D1: 2.0 miles, 30 minutes (treadmill, includes warm up and cool down)
W2D2: 1.67 miles, 25 minutes (treadmill, includes warm up and cool down)
W2D3: 2.12 miles, 29.01 minutes

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